Artist Statement

Risk taking and elements of chance create serendipitous moments in my practice. Failure often rewards risk taking. Velocity, momentum, and gravity are driving forces for my work. The laws of physics, and intricacies of geometric order reveal themselves through experimentation. Speed is my friend.  Searching for the limits of my control, I ride the edge back and forth like the curve of a sine wave, fluctuating rhythmically through time. Seeking successes, and learning from failures, each piece builds off the former, developing through repetition. Mistakes drive innovation, forcing me to create solutions
to unforeseen problems.




I attended Michigan State University in East Lansing earning a Bachelors of Fine Art, concentrated in graphic design (2011). I continued pursuing ceramics through a Post Baccalaureate program while remaining at state. On May 12, 2017 I earned my Masters of Fine Art from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Currently I work making for Corbe´ and Detroit Tile works, and live in Hamtramck, MI.

I skate the "Ride It Sculpture Park" every chance I get.